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Barisan Nasional Nearly Lost the Popular Vote – Only 51.5% Voted for BN

I know that in the 2004 Elections Barisan Nasional had only garnered 64% of the popular vote and yet had managed to secure 91% of the seats in Parliament. This is of course due to the gerry-mandering of constituency boundaries by the Election Commission to favour the Barisan Nasional.

Reading the blow by blow account on Malaysiakini of the the political tsunami that has swept away the Gomen’s 2/3 majority in Parliament got me wondering just how much of the popular vote the BN had garnered. I was curious about the numbers – so, a little trip to the Election Commission website that obligingly provided all the figures, a little data entry and messing about with the Excel spreadsheet and – Voila! I present to you the numbers for the popular vote:

    Total   %     Barisan Opposition
  Registered Total of Spoiled Missing National Parties & 
States Seats Voters Voters Voters Votes Votes Parties Independents
Perlis 3         120,081      97,532.0 81.22%           2,068            257          57,263               37,933
Kedah 15         865,468       697,815 80.63%         15,473         2,873        318,252             361,217
Kelantan 14         751,682       620,632 82.57%         10,765         2,064        271,736             336,067
Terengganu 8         521,597       443,205 84.97%           6,667         1,190        239,922             195,426
Pulau Pinang 13         705,832       554,156 78.51%           7,742         3,593        210,168             332,653
Perak 24      1,196,160       872,592 72.95%         22,675         7,527        391,461             450,929
Pahang 14         603,242       464,659 77.03%         11,470         2,075        268,288             182,826
Selangor 22      1,565,553    1,207,888 77.15%         25,098         4,352        522,091             656,347
Kuala Lumpur 11         687,451       506,672 73.70%           4,513         4,418        188,875             308,866
Putrajaya 1             6,608           5,416 81.96%                38                             4,038                 1,304
Negeri Sembilan 8         462,015       353,021 76.41%           9,740         2,178        186,681             154,422
Melaka 6         371,594       296,977 79.92%           7,564         3,022        164,459             121,932
Johor 26      1,312,121       971,625 74.05%         28,709         2,562        613,813             326,541
WP Labuan 1           20,783         14,149 68.08%              311            247          10,471                 3,120
Sabah  25         807,862       519,559 64.31%         15,698         2,748        306,590             194,523
Sarawak 31         912,454       533,145 58.43%           6,480         2,422        336,562             187,681
Total: 222    10,910,503    8,159,043 74.78%       175,011       41,528     4,090,670          3,851,787
Percentage of Votes for Barisan Nasional vs. Opposition Parties (& Independents): 51.50% 48.50%

 Popular Vote for Parliament – Election 2008

Shocking! Barisan Nasional only has 51.5% of the Popular Vote! Nearly half the population of Malaysia (representative of those that voted) has rejected the Barisan Nasional. But the Opposition only has 82 out of 222 seats in Parliament – that 37% of the seats. Mmmm …. 48.5% of Malaysians voted for the Opposition but they only won 37% of the seats? Hardly seems fair.

But someone should wake up Badawi and let him know that if the elections had been FAIR, he would nearly had lost Barisan Nasional the power to govern. Badawi is still adamant on seeking a second term despite the massive failure of his party in losing 5 states and the 2/3 majority in Parliament. Undurlah Pak Lah. YOUR ineptitude and corruption were one of the biggest factors that contributed to the humiliating humbling of you party.

But, going back to the results on the Popular Vote – not matching the representation in Parliament – you can see what BERSIH was screaming about when they say the Election Commission is bias. I’m not talking about phantom voters, duplicate voters, postal voting or any other electoral fraud – I’m just talking pure gerry-mandering. Look at the weightage of seats allocated to each state in comparison to the numbers of registered voters for that state:

          Fair Allocation  
  Total Registered Based on   
  Parliament Registered Seat Voter Registered  
States Seats Voters Weightage Weightage Voter Weightage Difference
 Perlis  3             120,081 1.4% 1.1% 3 0
 Kedah  15             865,468 6.8% 7.9% 18 -3
 Kelantan  14             751,682 6.3% 6.9% 15 -1
 Terengganu  8             521,597 3.6% 4.8% 11 -3
 Pulau Pinang  13             705,832 5.9% 6.5% 14 -1
 Perak  24          1,196,160 10.8% 11.0% 24 0
 Pahang  14             603,242 6.3% 5.5% 12 2
 Selangor  22          1,565,553 9.9% 14.3% 32 -10
 Kuala Lumpur  11             687,451 5.0% 6.3% 14 -3
 Putrajaya  1                 6,608 0.5% 0.1% 0 1
 Negeri Sembilan  8             462,015 3.6% 4.2% 9 -1
 Melaka  6             371,594 2.7% 3.4% 8 -2
 Johor  26          1,312,121 11.7% 12.0% 27 -1
 W.P. Labuan  1               20,783 0.5% 0.2% 0 1
 Sabah  25             807,862 11.3% 7.4% 16 9
 Sarawak  31             912,454 14.0% 8.4% 19 12
 Total:  222        10,910,503 100.0% 100.0% 222  

  An Equitable Distribution of Parliament Seats by State

Look especially hard at Sabah and Sarawak – two states that have 21 seats more than they should have and have traditionally voted for Barisan Nasional (with the exception of the PBS uprising one election year). Consider this scenario had there been a fairer distribution of seats:  A redistribution of those 21 seats in Sabah and Sarawak would give 18 seats to Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. These are states that the Opposition parties won at least half of the vote – so add 9 seats to the 82 won by the Opposition and the total of 91 seats would give a the Opposition parties a 41% representation in Parliament that is at least closer in to the 48.6% popular vote that they did win.

Let’s just not leave it at state level, the difference in the proportion of voters in differing constituencies is very high. To give you some idea: Putrajaya – 6.608 voters, Kapit – 22,273 voters, Kepala Batas – 43,019 voters, Kepong – 60,775 voters, Batu – 70,544 voters, Gombak – 99,153 voters. Is the Election Commission trying to tell Malaysians that the vote of 1 voter in Putrajaya is worth the same as 9 voters in Gombak? Is the vote of 1 voter from Kapit worth the same as 3 voters in Kepong? A more equitable dsitribution would see about 49,000 voters per constituency with only a 5% margin difference.

So, this is why I take offence at the sanctimonious drivel editorial from the NST stating: “… as the Barision Nasional coalition reeled from a stunning series of defeats, at least one of the thorniest issues in the run-up to the polls must be deemed settled. There can be no more carping oved the elcctoral process in this country being ‘rigged’, flawed or unfair.” (NST, 9 Mar 2008) Some people are just sour grapes in defeat …

The election process in this country is rigged at the most basic of levels – the gerry-mandering of the constituency borders to favour voters more likely to vote Barisan Nasional – and the numbers above prove it. 


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Winds of Change Blow Across Malaysia …

Barisan Nasional has lost it’s 2/3 majority in Parliament – they will never mess with our Constitution again.

And on top of that, the states of Penang, Kelantan, Kedah, Perak and Selangor are in the hands of DAP-PKR-PAS.

The MIC and Gerakan have suffered annihilating defeats [Semi Value has been kicked out as well as the spineless Koh Tsu Koon].

In Penang, DAP captured 19 state seats in a clean sweep and PKR and PAS picked up 10 seats. DAP has formed my state government and Mr Lim Guan Eng is now my Chief Minister.

I am always proud to be a Penangite, never more so than today – but I had not expected that today, after more than a decade, to be proud that I am Malaysian. The winds of change has blown across Malaysia. The people has stood up to their corrupt Gomen and shouted ‘Kita satu bangsa Malaysia‘ and you will no longer deny us our rights and rob us of the wealth of our nation.


I cannot wait to come home to Penang in April now. I think like me, most Malaysians abroad feel there is now hope in our country. Finally, it is time for us to build a Bangsa Malaysia!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing all Malaysian Chinese a very Happy Chinese New Year!



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Body Snatchers Got Away With It

A few days ago, I blogged that the body of an elderly Chinese man, Gan Eng For, who passed away on 20th January at age 74, was seized from his grieving family by the police and the Islamic Affairs Dept (read: the Body Snatchers). This was done after Gan’s eldest son, a Muslim convert, alleged that his father had converted to Islam the year before.

All Gan’s other children reject this claim and insist that Gan was a Buddhist. Moreover family members state that Gan was senile and paralysed after suffering from two strokes. The man could not even move his arms or talk! Even his wife that has been looking after him for two years had no knowledge of this. So how did he manage to convert?

I had hoped that Gan’s body would be returned after the usual circus – same as in the case of Wong Sau Lan. Wong, a Chinese Christian woman, that had passed away on 30 Dec 2007, had her body snatched by the same religious zealots under the same pretext. Thankfully, her body was retuned 2 weeks later and these religious zealots retracted their claim. Please see my earlier post here.  

But it was not to be. Malaysiakini has now reported that Gan’s body has been buried in a Muslim cemetery at the orders of an Islamic religious court after his family. The family was not even allowed to see his body nor do they know where he was buried.

And what has our supposed Buddhist Minister, Ong Ka Ting and the MCA done to defend this man’s rights? They have done nothing and they will do nothing like the whipped dogs that they are.

Wong was proved to be not a Muslim. The excuse for the snatching was because she had visited a bomoh sometime before her death and had chanted some Islamic words as part of the ritual. What sort of flimsy evidence is this?

And how about Gan? The body-snatching was carried out on the claim of just one son, against the sworn words of his wife and other children. This, I suspect, is more a family fued that anything else – one son appears to be seeking revenge on the rest of his family over some issue. But guess what? The words of non-Muslims do not carry any weight in a Syariah court.

And please let us all not forget it all started when we let them get away with Moorthy’s body in 2005 – again on spurious evidence. We let them get away with it then. Did we all think it was was going stop with one person? If we don’t stop this it will only be a matter of time before it happens to someone we know.

This is what we call RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION. It is happening in Malaysia. These Islamic religious zealots are now interfering into the lifes of Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. Our right to religion is now under threat. Our PM has already declared we are an Islamic nation – let’s forget about that piece of paper known as the Constitution of Malaysia that sets out we are a secular country. It was only a matter of time before they tried to ram Islam down our throats. We see the signs of it already – remember the banning of the word ‘Allah’ that has been used by the Christian chuches in East Malaysia since even before Independence – remember the seizure of Chistian books from popular book stores in Malaysia.

How much more can you take? I stopped taking it quietly a while back. I feel threatened by this Islamisation that is now being forced upon us. I don’t recognise the country I grew up in. What happened to our supposed famed ‘Tolerance’. I fear what more is to come if we do not deny the BN a 2/3 majority this Election.

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Thaipusam Boycott at Batu Caves

Right now I am lamenting that there are just not enough Indian political bloggers (or maybe I’m not familiar with their blogs?).

I am half a world away and on Thaipusam morning in Malaysia I was impatiently scouring the internet in search of some scraps of news on the crowd numbers at Batu Caves that morning. Why was I so anxious for such news? Because it was a very important political indicator of the Indian community’s voting sentiment come Election Day. Imagine my frustration when I came up empty handed after going through usual political blogs and some not so usual blogs. The only first hand news I got was from my folks in Penang telling me that the crowd in Penang was much larger than normal and Anil Netto’s blog (he’s based in Penang) that had second hand news that the early morning crowd at Batu Caves was thinner than normal. But some solid news on Batu Caves Thaipusam? NIL, NADA, ZILCH – until Malaysiakini finally had a report up at 3.09pm – by then I was fast asleep with the 12 hour difference.

But now, a full 24 hours has passed and I’m trying to collate as much informtion as possible here.

Why the Boycott?

Since the brutal crackdown on the Hindraf rally that took place on 25th Nov 2007, calls have been going around the Indian community via SMS to boycott the annual Thaipusam festivities at the Batu Caves Sri Subramaniar temple. This is due to the collusion of the Batu Caves Temple Committee in assisting the Malaysian police (read: FRU Storm Troopers) in perpetrating violent acts upon Malaysian citizens that had gathered at the temple the night before the Hindraf rally. The people had gathered – not to rally at Batu Caves itself – but to pray and to find shelter for the night (these were the poor Hindus from out of town that could ill afford hotels). Pre-dawn on the 25th of Nov, the BN Storm Troopers descended upon the peaceful gathering at the Batu Caves temple with big batons, riot shields and tear gas and did this:



The FRU Storm Troopers barred the peaceful crowd from leaving the temple grounds, locked them behind the gate and then opened fire on the crowd with tear gas and chemically laced water. Not content with that, the Attorney-General, Gani Patail, in a travesty of justice, then tried to pin a ludicrious attempted murder charge on 31 of the individuals arrested for 1 allegedly thrown brick at a policeman (how 31 hands could grab 1 brick boggles the mind) – but logic does not apply as this was the BN Gomen meting out high-handed punishment.

The police later said they acted only after they were called in by the Batu Caves Temple Committee headed by R. Nadarajah. This Nadarajah alleges that crowd had trespassed into the temple after closing hours (is a place of worship private property?) and had damaged temple property (See here  for the lies reported by The Star).

However, pictures of the incident tell a VERY DIFFERENT STORY and and gives TRUTH to the LIES told by both the Inspector General of Police and The Star (read: Gomen Mouthpiece). Please see my earlier post on the incident that had me so incensed (here).

No prizes for guessing where the loyalties of Nadarajah and the Temple Committee lie. Both are closely linked to our Semi-Valued minister – the term “MIC stooges” would not be far off.

Calls for a Boycott

Since December, text messages (SMS) have been making the rounds among the Indian community calling for Hindus not to fulfill their spiritual vows at Batu Caves in protest of the Temple Committee’s complicity in supporting the violent dispersal of Hindus at Batu Caves on the 25th of November.

Lord Muruga resides in Batu Caves, the foremost spiritual centre of Hindu religion in Malaysia. Every year on Thaipusam Day, more than a million devotees will journey from far and wide to pay tribute to Him on this day and fulfill any vows they have taken in his name. I am sure all Malaysian are familiar with how important the religious undertaking on Thaipusam day is to a Hindu.

The gathering of devotees on that single Thaipusam Day generates millions of dollars for the coffers of the Temple Committee through donations, rental of stalls and fees for the arrachana (prayer), paal-kudams (milk pots) and kavadis. I would easily estimate an income of RM7million for the Temple. The boy-cott was intended to make them hurt where it hurts most -the wallet. (Does anyone know how much income the temple collected last Thaipusam? Surely there is an audited report somewhere.)

The boycott does not only solely mean it is a protest over just the Temple Committee’s actions, but it is an implied snubbed to the Semi Valued minister (whose party has failed as the defender of Indian rights) and it is an implied expression of support for Hindraf. In fact one SMS called for devotees to throw their sandals (a grave insult for Indians) at Semi Value during his Thaipusam speech.

Hindraf has denied being behind the boycott. Hindraf co-ordinator, RS Thanenthiran made the following statement:

“How can we ask people not to pray. Of course we at Hindraf are angry with the Batu Caves temple committee, but that doesn’t mean we can ask people to boycott Lord Muruga,” he said.

“It is a temple and we will not stop people from praying there. But if it is their choice to boycott, we can’t do anything about that,” he added.

Malaysiakini (5 Jan 2008)

Rightly said. You cannot ask Hindus to boycott Lord Muruga – and Hindraf has not lent their name to this boycott.

However, the text messages doing their rounds have reminded Hindus that Batu Caves is not the only place to fulfill their spiritual vows to Lord Muruga. There are many temples devoted to Lord Muruga in Malaysia. In fact, Penang sees the next largest gathering outside Batu Caves with a 100,000 pilgrims making their way to the hilltop temple at Waterfall and celebrating in a street-like carnival atmosphere. It is also celebrated to a lesser extent in Malacca and Ipoh. The text messages asks why should Batu Caves receive the most donations on Thaipusam, other Murugan temples need donations too.

However, you must understand that despite this, it is very difficult for Hindus to boycott Batu Caves. I know people who have been fulfiling their vows there for more than 30 years. No matter how much displeasure a Hindu has for the MIC or how much support he / she has for Hindraf – the devotion to God is greater than mere politics. Thaipusam at Batu Caves is about Lord Muruga after all. As one Hindu states:

A long time kavadi-bearer at Batu Caves, P Batu Malai said that he would surely fulfill his vows by carrying a kavadi this year too at Batu Caves, although he was angry with the manner the temple committee handled the crowd on Nov 25.

“I was in the crowd and I know how the temple committee worked hand in hand with the police in getting us out of the temple compound,” he claimed.

“But that will not stop me from going there for Thaipusam. However I will not pay a single sen to the temple for any of its projects and charity drives. Neither will I be standing around to hear MIC president S Samy Vellu’s annual speech for Thaipusam at Batu Caves,” he added.

Malaysiakini (5 Jan 2008)

But make no mistake, many Hindus were preparing to stage a boycott. In Port Klang, for the first time in 160 years, the Sri Balasubramaniar Swamy Temple (a Murugan temple) had geared up to celebrate Thaipusam on a grand scale. The temple that normally receives 1,000 paal-kudams on Thaipusam had made preparation to receive a 100,000 kavadi bearers and devotees.

Indians are angry. Not only over the brutal crackdown of the Hindraf rally at Kuala Lumpur on the 25th of November and the arrests of 5 main Hindraf leaders – but also at many social, economic and religious issues all stemming from the marginalisation of Indians by the BN Gomen.

The boycott of Thaipusam at Batu Caves was a perfect opportunity to publicly display their displeasure without attracting more violence the Gomen.

Thaipusam Day at Batu Caves

I think the pictures will say more than words.

bc15.jpg   bc17.jpg  

bc18.jpg    bc21.jpg

(Source: Multimid)


 (Source: Suara Keadilan)

Notice the gaps on the stairs and the almost non-existent queue at the bottom of the stairs. Many experienced Thaipusam pilgrims will tell you that this is not a normal crowd. People should be jam-packed like sardines. That empty road just outside Batu Caves? Not possible on Thaipusam Day. (I would dearly like to see more photos, or better yet, some independent video footage)

Here are relevant excerpts from the Malaysiakini report on the crowd size: 

Thaipusam festivities at the Batu Caves Temple in Kuala Lumpur have been somewhat lackluster this year, marred by a below-average turnout believed to be attributed to an apparent boycott campaign.

Visitors to Batu Caves yesterday evening and this morning reported that the crowds were relatively thinner this year – numbering only in their tens of thousands – unlike previous years where devotees could reach more than one million.

One seasoned visitor, businessman S Babu, 32, said he was at the temple at 6am this morning and was surprised by the lack of congestion at the temple.

Previous years, we can’t even walk. This morning however, it was as easy as an evening stroll,” said Babu ……..

…….. Several stallholders and devotees lamented the small turnout and said ethnic Indians should work together to promote their cause.

The crowd is normally double or triple this size. Now it’s so small, so there is not so much of a great mood this time,” said N Kumaran, 41, a civil servant who has taken part in the festival for the past 14 years.

Sweet seller Joga Singh said that with the crowds so thin he and other vendors were not making any money this year.

Malaysiakini (23 Jan 2008)

Anil Netto has reported in his blog that Batu Caves has noted at least a 30% drop in attendance. Here are some relevant exerpts:

A couple of eye-witnesses who visited Batu Caves this morning told me that the turnout for the Thaipusam festival early this morning was distinctly smaller.

Remember, this is despite Thaipusam now being a public holiday in KL from this year. One would have expected a bigger turnout with people having the day off there.

One source told me that he felt the turnout was about 30 per cent lower.

A second source told me that the drop exceeded 30 per cent but not as much as half. She told me that during the same time (early morning) last year, the entrance to the Batu Caves temple premises was jammed. But not today.

A third source told me that a climb that would normally take 3-4 hours to complete – inching one’s way up the steps leading to the temple at the top and back – this time took only an hour.

This morning, devotees could actually approach close to the altar with their paal koddum (milk pots) unhindered by the sea of humanity that would have obstructed their path in previous years. Many people had also turned up a couple of days earlier to fulfil their vows, said another source. And when they were asked for their chits (indicating they had paid about RM10) upon presentation of their paal koddum, many just glared back and refused to comply – which could be why the fee is reportedly only optional today.

Anil Netto

The UK Daily Telegraph’s correspondent in Kuala Lumpur reported here that “Normally hundreds of thousands pack the Batu Caves complex on the outskirts of the capital Kuala Lumpur, but this year the crowds were thin”. And most tellingly reported “Television news was forced to resort to footage of last year’s event“. My, my …. what is the Gomen trying to hide?

But here’s a better indicator than the human eye – for the first time in 40 years, the Divine Life Society has actually been forced to throw away the FREE food it gives out during Thaipusam at Batu Caves. The DLS prepared food for 20,000 people and the lower than expected turn out meant some of the food was wasted. And the DLS had only prepared 1,800kg of vegetable from its usual allocation of 4,500kg (NST).

Poobalan has posted a personal account of his Thaipusam trip to Batu Caves here. He noted a signicantly lesser crowd. Of particular mention is his account of Semi Value’s Thaipusam speech. He was largely ignored and ended up addressing a crowd of less than a 100 people!

Multimid’s site here has more photos of Batu Caves Thaipusam.

Thaipusam Celebrations at Other Temples 

With Thaipusam in Batu Caves being boycotted by less than half the usual crowd (I believe the number going around is 30% to 50%), devotees have turned to other temples.

My friends in Penang tell me that the Thaipusam crowd was twice the usual size. 

The Star reports that the Sri Balasubramaniar Swamy Temple received 100,000 devotees. Here’s a YouTube video link to the Thaipusam celebration at Port Klang:

The Star also reported that the smaller Murugan temples in Selangor had received higher devotees.

I expect that the crowds at other locations in Ipoh, Malacca and Johor Bahru would be higher as well but I have not been able to come across crowd numbers on the internet.

Makkal Sakthi (People Power)

There was no political or social organisation or even any known individuals behind the call for this boycott. This is the people’s call to arms) Hindraf itself said that it will not lend any support to a call to boycott Batu Caves at Thaipusam.

This call came from every day people – most who have never been involved in politics – all forwarding the text messages of the boycott to their friends and family. Imagine how frightening that must be for the MIC! This is the PEOPLE expressing themselves without any mover organising this protest. This is the PEOPLE – the Makkal Sakthi – who have felt the injustice of decades of marginalisation perpetrated by the BN Gomen. Indians have endured for many years without complaint and the majority have always solidly back the BN Gomen. But the recent spat of temple demolitions was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. And then Hindraf, riding on that wave – on the 25th of November – showed Indians what power they as a people had in their hands. The Gomen knee-jerk reaction in brutally cracking down on the rally and subsequently locking up the 5 Hindraf leaders under ISA was felt by the entire Indian community. It was the final insult. Years of resentment at the BN Gomen and the MIC finally came to the fore.

And on Thaipusam Day, the full brunt of the People’s anger was expressed in the boycott of Batu Caves.

Yes, it was not a full boycott. But please remember that Thaipusam is a religious festival – God before politics! But a 30% to 50% dent in the crowd in Batu Caves is very significant.

There are more expressions of Makkal Sakthi. Malaysiakini reports that a 108 people are on a week long hunger stike at the Port Klang Sri Balasubramaniar Swamy Temple and there were joined by a further 21 people at the temple in Ipoh. The purpose of the strike is to call for the release of ISA detainees the the abolishment of the ISA Act.

Anil Netto further writes of more expressions of Makkal Sakthi at Thaipusam at Penang. He describes Makkal Sakthi T-shirts and CDs being sold at a panthal and hundreds of people clad with the Makkal Sakthi yellow orange attire.

I think the Indians have already casted their vote this Election.  The Indians are abandoning their support for BN and they have by this silent protest rendered MIC irrelevant. Semi Value’s political future appears very shaky – the writing is on the wall. He’s in denial of course – he’s quoted in The Star as saying the crowd was the same in previous years and The Star has tried to shore up support for him by notoriously marking up the numbers at more than a million/

Lim Kit Siang has termed the Indians as “king-makers” this General Election (see here). Indians constitute more that 15% of the electorate in 28 parliamentary and 78 state assembly seats. And since Indians have traditional voted for the BN, any large swing in Indian votes will see more seats falling to the Opposition.  

Indians have no political race based Opposition party of any significance to champion their rights. Abandoning the MIC to vote for the Opposition is a brave decision for Indians – they will be entrusting their future with the multi-ethnic parties, the PKR and the DAP. But then, it’s not like there is any future in MIC, is there? It’s come to the point where “there’s nothing left to lose”.

But I see any Indian support for the Opposition as the breaking of an important racial barier in politics – and the PKR and DAP when they earn these votes, must prove themselves worthy by demonstrating that they can champion the rights of ALL Malaysian.  

If this country is to have any future, we must start uniting as MALAYSIANS, that will look out for one another. There must come an end to race based politics. Only if we stand together as Malaysians, can we break the BN Gomen’s divide and rule politics of fear and hate.

The General Election this year is not about race – it is about toppling a CORRUPT Goverment that is MIS-MANAGING OUR country and DENYING us OUR RIGHTS as Malaysian CITIZENS.


I hope readers will share their Thaipusam experience at Batu Caves and other temples – especially an estimate of the crowd numbers. Any directions to independent photos and videos will also be greatly appreciated.

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VK Lingam & Ahmad Fairuz Remix – It Wasn’t Me!

VK Lingam : “It looks like me, it sounds like me, BUT-“

Here’s the excerpt of Lingam’s Q&A with the Royal Commision over Lingam-Gate:

Q: Are you the man speaking on the phone?
A: It looks like me.
Q:So are you the man speaking on the phone?
A: My answer is – irrespective of what other have said – it looks like me, it sounds like me. I have consulted my experts overseas, (they said) the only way to verify its authenticity is to have the original video or equipment (which made the video clip) itself. If I have (the original video or equipment), I will send them to my experts and if necessary, I will ask them to testify.
Q: Can you identify the person sitting on the sofa talking to a person who looks like you?
A: It is not very clear, it looks like Loh Mui Fah.
Q: Who are you speaking to in the video clip?
A: I don’t know who I was speaking to….
Q: You don’t know who?
A: I don’t know who I was speaking to but certainly I wasn’t speaking to Tun Ahmad Fairuz (Sheikh Abdul Halim, then chief judge of Malaya) because I never had his telephone number and he never had my telephone number either. To date, he has never called me and I never called him.
Q: Referring to the video clip again, you are admitting the person is you?
A: It looks like me. You can ask the question 100 times, I will still give you the same answer.

The full Q&A is with Malaysiakini.

All this reminds me a bit of a Shaggy song –

VK Lingam:         but he caught me on the phone
Ahmad Fairuz:    it wasn’t me
VK Lingam:         talking to Ahmad Fairuz
Ahmad Fairuz:    it wasn’t me
VK Lingam:         I was fixing the judicary 
Ahmad Fairuz:    it wasn’t me
VK Lingam:         he even caught me on camera
Ahmad Fairuz:   it wasn’t me

Let me be a bit helpful to the Royal Commission by introducing them to the ‘Duck Test’:

If a bird looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.”

The Duck Test is an inductive reasoning method to help a person figure out the true nature of an unknown subject by observing this subject’s readily identifiable traits. It is sometimes used to counter abstruse arguments that something is not what it appears to be.

If the person in the video tape looks like a VK Lingam, behaves like VK Lingam and sounds like VK Lingam, then it’s probably ……”

Come on RCI – you can fill in the blanks, can’t you?

Observing the proceedings of the Royal Commision on the Lindam inquiry, it is becoming apparent that this Royal Commission Inquiry is fast turning into a political sandiwara. I feel like the intelligence of Malaysian society is being insulted.

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Thaipusam Holiday – Thank you Hindraf

Our sleeping PM, Ahmad Bodowi, in some obvious ploy to pacify the Indian community’s anger over the BN’s 50 years of marginalisation of their community, has declared Thaipusam a holiday in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

But I’m not going to thank you Mr PM (Zzzz…), UMNO, BN nor the MIC. I know who to thank –




If not for you, Thaipusam would not be a public holiday in KL.

If not for you, the GoMen would not even bother with such a meagre hand out.

The PM’s gesture, as LKS remarked it is “Too Little Too Late” and an attempt to save Semi-Value’s political career.

You think we Indians care about a holiday? We have more serious economic and social problems facing us after years of BN neglect. How about you GoMen make some serious effort to address these issues? Since this holiday is a blatant bribe – how about you at least put some serious money on the table if you want our votes?

Am waiting to hear about the turn out at Batu Caves is tomorrow. Calls on a boy-cott have gone around after the Temple Committee’s collusion with the BN Stormtroopers to persecute Hindraf supporters (see my earlier post here). I hope there’s a serious drop in attendance. I hope Semi-Value gets boo-ed off the stage again.

Mom tells me that there are loads of busses headed to Penang tomorrow. I miss Thaipusam in Penang – I’ve always thought that it was so much better than Batu Caves.

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The Return of the Body Snatchers!

Three days ago, the KL High Court ordered the body of a Chinese woman, Wong Sau Lan,  to be returned to her family for a Christian burial after Islamic authorities retracted their claim that she had converted to Islam. Wong, a practising Christian for her entire life had passed away on 30 Dec from illness. The Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics had snatched her body claiming she had converted to Islam based on some very spurious evidence. Here is the Malaysiakini report.

I felt so sorry for Wong’s family. Already in grief over her passing, the family had to put up with religious harrasment from the Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics. It’s Islamic zealotry in Malaysia rearing it’s ugly head!

I suspect the reason the claim was retracted was because of the looming general elections. The GoMen must not anger the non-Muslims at this crucial time after all – they might decide not to vote for BN.

Guess what? The Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics obviously didn’t get to memo! It happened again!

These morbid BODY SNATCHERS have made away with another corpse!

Malaysiakini reports that the police and the Islamic Affairs Dept. had seized the body of a Chinese man, Gan Eng Gor (74), who passed away on Sunday from the funeral parlour, after his eldest son (a Muslim convert) made a report claiming his father had converted to Islam in July last year. Gan was a practising Buddhist. One of Gan’s eight other children states that his father had been unable to talk after suffering a stroke two years ago – so how was he able to convert?

I really am angry on behalf of his family! What gives these state sponsored Islamic fanatics the right to steal bodies of non-Muslims from grieving families?

However, I suspect -some GoMen higher-ups are going to give the Body Snatchers a rap on the head. “Election Year Idiots!” You can pick up more non-Muslim corpses later. I suspect the MCA Dogs will also try to gain some brownie points by negotiating ‘heroicly’ for the body.

Bottom Line – 5 years ago, this would not have happened in Malaysia. It started with Moorthy’s body – we let the zealots get away it. Now it’s happening so easily to the rest of us – can you still keep quiet?

You want some change?

Deny the BN their 2/3 majority!

Remind them we are a multi-racial, multi-religious country.

Remind them we are a secular country – NOT an Islamic nation!

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New Year’s Resolution & Homecoming

A New Year already. It’s that time where I make resolutions [I won’t comment on my success rate at keeping them though!] – but I’m going to do my utmost best to keep this one.

I’m promising myself this 2008 that I will keep blogging. So look out for a post this weekend!

I’ll be back in Malaysia in just a few months after spending the better part of 2007 lazing around on a tropical island. Have started my homecoming countdown …

I wonder if I’ll be home in time to be around for a General Election <muses> … It’s a betting game when the GE will be called. LKS is betting on March 2007 – I won’t be home in time to cast my vote if then.

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Hindraf Rally [25 Nov 2007] – Police Brutality at Batu Caves

Batu Caves – 25 November 2007, Pre-Dawn

Of all the scenes that captured the police brutality againts peaceful protesters at the Hindraf rally last Sunday at Kuala Lumpur – the one that stays etched in my mind and evokes the most anger is this scene that played out before dawn at the Batu Caves Sri Subramaniar temple :-



       Source: Screenshots

Malaysiakini reported that at 4am, the Sunday morning of the Hindraf rally, police had arrested Indians sleeping inside the Batu Caves temple. Jeff Ooi of Screenshots has the story of what took place at Batu Caves that pre-dawn morning on his website – all captured in a series of 23 photographs that tell its own story. I have reproduced thumbnail versions of some below:


  bc1.jpg       bc2.jpg       bc3.jpg              

                     bc4.jpg       bc5.jpg              

       Source: Screenshots 

Not content with setting up roadblock to prevent any Indian motorist from entering Kuala Lumpur city centre the the day before the Hindraf rally [can anyone say – racial profiling?], the police and FRU descended on Batu Caves early Sunday morning to prevent the people gathered at the temple from attending the Hindraf rally at the city centre. The people were sleeping at the temple, seeking shelter when the police and FRU came loudly knocking at the temple gates.

How would you feel if a police man came knocking at your door in the middle of the night to arrest you? And this is a temple – oh God – how insensitive can the police be – How would you feel if you were seeking shelter in a mosque or a church or a temple and they came for you there?

And here’s the biggest poser – what had you done wrong that hundreds of policemen would come for you with their big riot shields, black batons, tear guns and water cannons? Are you a danger to the public? Have you murdered someone? Hurt someone? Stolen from someone?

NO! Why were you all gathered in the temple? I was praying. I was seeking shelter. I was sleeping.

Is this all a crime? NO!

I am looking for a crime commited in the photographs – is holding a lot of Gandhi pictures with the caption “We Want Our Rights” a crime? Is assembling peacefully a crime? Only in Bolehland, I say!

I was musing what was going to be the Gomen spin on this – were they going to say it was an illegal assembly of more that 5 people without a police permit? I won’t even go into how wrong this is when it is a right of every Malaysian granted under Article 10 of the Federal Constitusion to assemble peaceably and without arms. But I have this to say – this is a temple where people gather to pray – is any gathering in a house of worship an illegal assembly? – so Sunday mass, Friday prayers, Navarathri all we better get permit because otherwise the police might whack us is it? Oh – and did you see any arms/weapons being carried by the people assembled peacefully in all the photos? I tried really hard to see – but all I saw were a lot more Gandhi pictures – and Gandhi-ji will never offer violence to any 🙂

As for the answer of the Gomen Spin Doctors – that comes a little later …

The people were prevented from leaving the temple compound. There were all forcibly herded back into the temple compound and the gates were closed locking all in.


   bc6.jpg     bc7.jpg     bc13.jpg

       Source: Screenshots  

Oh – would you just look how eveyone is smiling and waving behind the gate? Does that look like a violent crowd to you? My I can see why the police feels so threatened by this crowd that is locked behind a vast impenetrable gate. So threatened in fact – that they would do this :- 


        Source: Screenshots

The SHEER COWARDISE of the police. To do this to people that offer no resistance! What provocation could you see was being offered to the police? Look at the pictures – judge for yourselves!

But more than anything else – what gets me the most is that they would treat their fellow man in such a manner. The indignity of it. To herd people in like ‘lembu dalam kandang’ with big batons and riot sheilds and then not content with that – abuse a passive crowd with tear gas and acid rain. This is a sheer violation of human rights!

This country has turned into a police state! How can we let our government do this to us? I am so hopping mad! This is WRONG! THIS IS WRONG! I am standing and shouting over here – THIS IS SO WRONG!

The aftermath …


        Source: Screenshots

I want to add, how heartened I was that people remember Gandhi’s legacy of non-violent civil disobedience. That crowd cornered by hundreds of FRU and police (read stormtroopers) remembered his message and did not react on the violence directed at them. It is people like this that make me proud to be Malaysian.


And then the Next Day – The Star Lies 

And then the next day – the sheer cheek it – this is what the Star Report reports:

KUALA LUMPUR: Demonstrators broke into the Batu Caves temple compound and destroyed temple property early yesterday morning, Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said. 

He said the crowd that had gathered there swelled from a mere 200 people just after midnight to more than 1,000 by about 2am. 

“The demonstrators forced open the locked gates and started breaking temple property, prompting the temple committee to lodge a police report,” he said. 

Minutes later several trucks of policemen, including those in plainclothes and members of the Light Strike Force unit, arrived at the temple and told the demonstrators to disperse. 

However, they refused and instead fled into the temple premises, when police gave them a last warning.  

When policemen pursued them, the demonstrators pelted and attacked them with stones and inter-locking bricks, resulting in several policemen being injured.  The demonstrators also threw a Molotov cocktail at a tourist charter bus, setting in on fire. They also shattered the windscreens and windows of several passing cars by throwing stones and bricks at the vehicles.  Musa said no tear gas or water cannons were used at the demonstrators during the incident. 

“By about 4am, 69 people had been arrested,” he added. 

As at press time, police were keeping a close watch on the area.

Source: The Star – 26 Nov 2007 

I shouldn’t say “The Star reported” – I should say “The Star LIED“. It was the Gomen Spin Doctors – spinning unbelievable fast and loose with the truth.

LIAR! LIAR! The Star caught bloody red handed telling a BIG FAT LIE! Mr IGP says no tear gas or water cannons were used at the demonstrators during the incident. Well – the photographs sure do tell a different story. Ok-lah maybe his stormtroopers didn’t tell him – so maybe he tak tahu. That still doesn’t let The Star off the hook does it? Or is the Police writing the news reports these days? Maybe they are – because I can tell you journalists sure in hell ain’t doing it. Ever heard of verifying a statement, interviewing witnesses  – was there even a reporter at the scene?

The Lies! The Lies! The Lies! How can they print such LIES! This is not journalism – this is – oooh am so geram – I cannot even find a word despicable enough to describe this thrash. And I don’t like to swearing much. Ishh!

And then there’s the rest – “destruction of temple property” and the police rushing to the defense of the temple. Hindus destroying their temple property? I cannot even swallow that. Can you believe the nerve? That any Hindu could ever do that. I believe every single Hindu is offended by that lie!

That they could make any Malaysian believe that …. I am just speechless <temperature near boiling now>

It is the Barisan National government that is so fond of destroying temples – where were these defenders of temples then? – oh yes, I remember now where these defenders of temples were – that photograph of our Gomen officer hurling a rock at the temple while the BN bulldozers tore down the Mariaman temple in Padang Jawa is something else I will never forget. Malaysia’s Finest!

I would love to see a copy of that police report – is there even one? So many lies – why not another one?

Look at the pictures – I don’t believe the police were pelted with stones and bricks. In fact, I see quite the opposite happening. As for the Molotov-ed bus – read What A Lulu’s response to this – it had me in stiches. 🙂

The Star should just change it’s name to Gomen Bulletin. 


What are YOU as Malaysian going to do about this?

Well? Are you going to take this lying down? Wake up Malaysia! Is this the government that you want? A corrupt self-serving government that strips you of your rights? And not content with that offers violence to peaceful people?

When you go to the ballot box – remember Batu Caves – another reason on a very long list of reasons.

50 years ago we fought for independence from the British colonialists. Who would have thought that 50 years later we will have to fight for independence from the BN colonialists?

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