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Body Snatchers Got Away With It

A few days ago, I blogged that the body of an elderly Chinese man, Gan Eng For, who passed away on 20th January at age 74, was seized from his grieving family by the police and the Islamic Affairs Dept (read: the Body Snatchers). This was done after Gan’s eldest son, a Muslim convert, alleged that his father had converted to Islam the year before.

All Gan’s other children reject this claim and insist that Gan was a Buddhist. Moreover family members state that Gan was senile and paralysed after suffering from two strokes. The man could not even move his arms or talk! Even his wife that has been looking after him for two years had no knowledge of this. So how did he manage to convert?

I had hoped that Gan’s body would be returned after the usual circus – same as in the case of Wong Sau Lan. Wong, a Chinese Christian woman, that had passed away on 30 Dec 2007, had her body snatched by the same religious zealots under the same pretext. Thankfully, her body was retuned 2 weeks later and these religious zealots retracted their claim. Please see my earlier post here.  

But it was not to be. Malaysiakini has now reported that Gan’s body has been buried in a Muslim cemetery at the orders of an Islamic religious court after his family. The family was not even allowed to see his body nor do they know where he was buried.

And what has our supposed Buddhist Minister, Ong Ka Ting and the MCA done to defend this man’s rights? They have done nothing and they will do nothing like the whipped dogs that they are.

Wong was proved to be not a Muslim. The excuse for the snatching was because she had visited a bomoh sometime before her death and had chanted some Islamic words as part of the ritual. What sort of flimsy evidence is this?

And how about Gan? The body-snatching was carried out on the claim of just one son, against the sworn words of his wife and other children. This, I suspect, is more a family fued that anything else – one son appears to be seeking revenge on the rest of his family over some issue. But guess what? The words of non-Muslims do not carry any weight in a Syariah court.

And please let us all not forget it all started when we let them get away with Moorthy’s body in 2005 – again on spurious evidence. We let them get away with it then. Did we all think it was was going stop with one person? If we don’t stop this it will only be a matter of time before it happens to someone we know.

This is what we call RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION. It is happening in Malaysia. These Islamic religious zealots are now interfering into the lifes of Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. Our right to religion is now under threat. Our PM has already declared we are an Islamic nation – let’s forget about that piece of paper known as the Constitution of Malaysia that sets out we are a secular country. It was only a matter of time before they tried to ram Islam down our throats. We see the signs of it already – remember the banning of the word ‘Allah’ that has been used by the Christian chuches in East Malaysia since even before Independence – remember the seizure of Chistian books from popular book stores in Malaysia.

How much more can you take? I stopped taking it quietly a while back. I feel threatened by this Islamisation that is now being forced upon us. I don’t recognise the country I grew up in. What happened to our supposed famed ‘Tolerance’. I fear what more is to come if we do not deny the BN a 2/3 majority this Election.


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The Return of the Body Snatchers!

Three days ago, the KL High Court ordered the body of a Chinese woman, Wong Sau Lan,  to be returned to her family for a Christian burial after Islamic authorities retracted their claim that she had converted to Islam. Wong, a practising Christian for her entire life had passed away on 30 Dec from illness. The Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics had snatched her body claiming she had converted to Islam based on some very spurious evidence. Here is the Malaysiakini report.

I felt so sorry for Wong’s family. Already in grief over her passing, the family had to put up with religious harrasment from the Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics. It’s Islamic zealotry in Malaysia rearing it’s ugly head!

I suspect the reason the claim was retracted was because of the looming general elections. The GoMen must not anger the non-Muslims at this crucial time after all – they might decide not to vote for BN.

Guess what? The Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics obviously didn’t get to memo! It happened again!

These morbid BODY SNATCHERS have made away with another corpse!

Malaysiakini reports that the police and the Islamic Affairs Dept. had seized the body of a Chinese man, Gan Eng Gor (74), who passed away on Sunday from the funeral parlour, after his eldest son (a Muslim convert) made a report claiming his father had converted to Islam in July last year. Gan was a practising Buddhist. One of Gan’s eight other children states that his father had been unable to talk after suffering a stroke two years ago – so how was he able to convert?

I really am angry on behalf of his family! What gives these state sponsored Islamic fanatics the right to steal bodies of non-Muslims from grieving families?

However, I suspect -some GoMen higher-ups are going to give the Body Snatchers a rap on the head. “Election Year Idiots!” You can pick up more non-Muslim corpses later. I suspect the MCA Dogs will also try to gain some brownie points by negotiating ‘heroicly’ for the body.

Bottom Line – 5 years ago, this would not have happened in Malaysia. It started with Moorthy’s body – we let the zealots get away it. Now it’s happening so easily to the rest of us – can you still keep quiet?

You want some change?

Deny the BN their 2/3 majority!

Remind them we are a multi-racial, multi-religious country.

Remind them we are a secular country – NOT an Islamic nation!

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