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VK Lingam & Ahmad Fairuz Remix – It Wasn’t Me!

VK Lingam : “It looks like me, it sounds like me, BUT-“

Here’s the excerpt of Lingam’s Q&A with the Royal Commision over Lingam-Gate:

Q: Are you the man speaking on the phone?
A: It looks like me.
Q:So are you the man speaking on the phone?
A: My answer is – irrespective of what other have said – it looks like me, it sounds like me. I have consulted my experts overseas, (they said) the only way to verify its authenticity is to have the original video or equipment (which made the video clip) itself. If I have (the original video or equipment), I will send them to my experts and if necessary, I will ask them to testify.
Q: Can you identify the person sitting on the sofa talking to a person who looks like you?
A: It is not very clear, it looks like Loh Mui Fah.
Q: Who are you speaking to in the video clip?
A: I don’t know who I was speaking to….
Q: You don’t know who?
A: I don’t know who I was speaking to but certainly I wasn’t speaking to Tun Ahmad Fairuz (Sheikh Abdul Halim, then chief judge of Malaya) because I never had his telephone number and he never had my telephone number either. To date, he has never called me and I never called him.
Q: Referring to the video clip again, you are admitting the person is you?
A: It looks like me. You can ask the question 100 times, I will still give you the same answer.

The full Q&A is with Malaysiakini.

All this reminds me a bit of a Shaggy song –

VK Lingam:         but he caught me on the phone
Ahmad Fairuz:    it wasn’t me
VK Lingam:         talking to Ahmad Fairuz
Ahmad Fairuz:    it wasn’t me
VK Lingam:         I was fixing the judicary 
Ahmad Fairuz:    it wasn’t me
VK Lingam:         he even caught me on camera
Ahmad Fairuz:   it wasn’t me

Let me be a bit helpful to the Royal Commission by introducing them to the ‘Duck Test’:

If a bird looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.”

The Duck Test is an inductive reasoning method to help a person figure out the true nature of an unknown subject by observing this subject’s readily identifiable traits. It is sometimes used to counter abstruse arguments that something is not what it appears to be.

If the person in the video tape looks like a VK Lingam, behaves like VK Lingam and sounds like VK Lingam, then it’s probably ……”

Come on RCI – you can fill in the blanks, can’t you?

Observing the proceedings of the Royal Commision on the Lindam inquiry, it is becoming apparent that this Royal Commission Inquiry is fast turning into a political sandiwara. I feel like the intelligence of Malaysian society is being insulted.


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Thaipusam Holiday – Thank you Hindraf

Our sleeping PM, Ahmad Bodowi, in some obvious ploy to pacify the Indian community’s anger over the BN’s 50 years of marginalisation of their community, has declared Thaipusam a holiday in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.

But I’m not going to thank you Mr PM (Zzzz…), UMNO, BN nor the MIC. I know who to thank –




If not for you, Thaipusam would not be a public holiday in KL.

If not for you, the GoMen would not even bother with such a meagre hand out.

The PM’s gesture, as LKS remarked it is “Too Little Too Late” and an attempt to save Semi-Value’s political career.

You think we Indians care about a holiday? We have more serious economic and social problems facing us after years of BN neglect. How about you GoMen make some serious effort to address these issues? Since this holiday is a blatant bribe – how about you at least put some serious money on the table if you want our votes?

Am waiting to hear about the turn out at Batu Caves is tomorrow. Calls on a boy-cott have gone around after the Temple Committee’s collusion with the BN Stormtroopers to persecute Hindraf supporters (see my earlier post here). I hope there’s a serious drop in attendance. I hope Semi-Value gets boo-ed off the stage again.

Mom tells me that there are loads of busses headed to Penang tomorrow. I miss Thaipusam in Penang – I’ve always thought that it was so much better than Batu Caves.

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The Return of the Body Snatchers!

Three days ago, the KL High Court ordered the body of a Chinese woman, Wong Sau Lan,  to be returned to her family for a Christian burial after Islamic authorities retracted their claim that she had converted to Islam. Wong, a practising Christian for her entire life had passed away on 30 Dec from illness. The Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics had snatched her body claiming she had converted to Islam based on some very spurious evidence. Here is the Malaysiakini report.

I felt so sorry for Wong’s family. Already in grief over her passing, the family had to put up with religious harrasment from the Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics. It’s Islamic zealotry in Malaysia rearing it’s ugly head!

I suspect the reason the claim was retracted was because of the looming general elections. The GoMen must not anger the non-Muslims at this crucial time after all – they might decide not to vote for BN.

Guess what? The Islamic Affairs Dept fanatics obviously didn’t get to memo! It happened again!

These morbid BODY SNATCHERS have made away with another corpse!

Malaysiakini reports that the police and the Islamic Affairs Dept. had seized the body of a Chinese man, Gan Eng Gor (74), who passed away on Sunday from the funeral parlour, after his eldest son (a Muslim convert) made a report claiming his father had converted to Islam in July last year. Gan was a practising Buddhist. One of Gan’s eight other children states that his father had been unable to talk after suffering a stroke two years ago – so how was he able to convert?

I really am angry on behalf of his family! What gives these state sponsored Islamic fanatics the right to steal bodies of non-Muslims from grieving families?

However, I suspect -some GoMen higher-ups are going to give the Body Snatchers a rap on the head. “Election Year Idiots!” You can pick up more non-Muslim corpses later. I suspect the MCA Dogs will also try to gain some brownie points by negotiating ‘heroicly’ for the body.

Bottom Line – 5 years ago, this would not have happened in Malaysia. It started with Moorthy’s body – we let the zealots get away it. Now it’s happening so easily to the rest of us – can you still keep quiet?

You want some change?

Deny the BN their 2/3 majority!

Remind them we are a multi-racial, multi-religious country.

Remind them we are a secular country – NOT an Islamic nation!

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