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Winds of Change Blow Across Malaysia …

Barisan Nasional has lost it’s 2/3 majority in Parliament – they will never mess with our Constitution again.

And on top of that, the states of Penang, Kelantan, Kedah, Perak and Selangor are in the hands of DAP-PKR-PAS.

The MIC and Gerakan have suffered annihilating defeats [Semi Value has been kicked out as well as the spineless Koh Tsu Koon].

In Penang, DAP captured 19 state seats in a clean sweep and PKR and PAS picked up 10 seats. DAP has formed my state government and Mr Lim Guan Eng is now my Chief Minister.

I am always proud to be a Penangite, never more so than today – but I had not expected that today, after more than a decade, to be proud that I am Malaysian. The winds of change has blown across Malaysia. The people has stood up to their corrupt Gomen and shouted ‘Kita satu bangsa Malaysia‘ and you will no longer deny us our rights and rob us of the wealth of our nation.


I cannot wait to come home to Penang in April now. I think like me, most Malaysians abroad feel there is now hope in our country. Finally, it is time for us to build a Bangsa Malaysia!


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