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Island Miss

I am a Malaysian.

Island Miss is an island girl that grew up in a country that she loves very much. It is her home – no   other place in the world could compare – for this is where her heart is.

The Island Miss was always taught in school that she was a citizen of a democratic country. She has known for a great many years that this is not true. Her rights and those of all Malaysians that is guaranteed by the constitution is being trampled upon by the government. Her country has changed so much she no longer recognises it – and she wonders – how? why? Where did Malaysia go? It has turned into Bolehland! She does know that one of the reasons Malaysia disappeared was because for far too long so many of us have kept silent. We are afraid of our government. And this is oh so wrong.

This Miss says that enough is enough! She is so fed up that there are days that she wants to scream in frustation. She know what is happening in Malaysia is wrong and unjust. She knows that if she does not stand up and speak up with so many other Malaysians that are voicing their concern  – well then, she also has herself to blame if the day comes (heaven forbid) when her country really is a dictatorship.

One of the pillars of a true democracy is the freedom of speech. Well – this is my soap box! and I’m going to stand right here and shout: Wake up Malaysia!



  1. Glad that you join in the battle. We’ll be in this together. Keep on! 🙂

    By the way, come and join the NYCC this Sunday, at Malaysian Bar Council office at leboh pasar, KL.

    Hope to see you there.. 🙂

    Comment by Dan-yel | Wednesday, 28 November, 2007

  2. island miss? is it the only island state in our country – penang! hey i’m from penang too!

    i like your blog very much… of course for the content, since you are like me, SoPo blogger… but i like your blog design too – simple and yet attractive! pity i only discovered it today. nevertheless i’ll bookmark it visit it daily.

    Comment by lucia | Saturday, 26 January, 2008

  3. dude u r a true malaysian and u really do care bout malaysia huh………..keep it up n ill alwis support u..

    Comment by young malaysian | Sunday, 27 January, 2008

  4. Well done.. and thanks for the excel analysis sheet on gerry mandering..

    Comment by sendfax | Monday, 10 March, 2008

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